Wednesday, 21 March 2012


So, I've finally jumped on the blog bandwagon. I've been wanting one for sometime and have finally taken the plunge but beaten to it by my old friend, Kate, who has a phobia of stickers and looks like Cherie Blair (check out her blog; In a nutshell, I'm Jess, a printed textile design graduate and digital aficionado living in Toulouse. In case you're wondering whatever my degree is, and whether it's about as useful as a degree in underwater basket weaving then you may be right, but this is what I'm capable of:

Digital fashion print designs tropical flowers colourful spring silk summer trend exotic
Just a snippet of a few of my fashion print designs. I worked with a variety of natural fabrics, this is how my obsession with silk began.
Very relevant to this season's S/S 2012 tropical and floral prints.

Here, you'll find my inspirations, outfit posts, fashion musings and doodles. Maybe when Kate's not too busy running away from stickers or building upon her Draco Malfoy shrine then she'll kindly contribute some guest beauty blogs about exfoliating with lemons and cheesegraters.

Just to elaborate on the blog name, which took me long enough to think of, "mode" is French for "fashion". As for "midnight"... I love the glamour, sophistication and luxe of evening wear and I'm a real night owl. There's something exciting and atmospheric about stepping out into the hustle and bustle of the city at night. I love wrapping up in winter and playing with layers.

As a creative soul, I enjoy drawing, putting things together and making layouts. I got quite carried away this week making graphics and digital patterns to spruce up my page. You'll find that I like to illustrate and add visuals to my blog posts for little customised touches.


  1. i resent that you say i look like cherie blair..

  2. Hi Jess thanks so much for your kind words, really appreciate it :)ummmmm your print designs are ridiculous! in love with them!! I'm now a keen follower xx