Wednesday, 4 April 2012

French Chic in London

fashion illustration, hermes scarf, silk scarf, beehive hair, french chic
NOTE the Hermes scarf!

Here is an illustration of my friend, Kate (aka frenchchicinlondon), for her birthday which she'll be putting up on her blog and using as her logo.

I think she must like it as she's made it her DP on Facebook. Score.

I'll be doing new illustrations weekly, so keep checking back.

Which particular style icons would you like to see me draw next? I'm thinking of doing a sixties series.


  1. gorgeous! that's what we call talent..


  2. I would love to see your icons from the 60s! Mine are Bardot, Birkin and Francoise Hardy:) It's so nice that you can add you personal art to your blog, makes me wish I could draw - I'd love to make my own header for my site!

  3. this is so adorable! i envy your talent. and i like the idea of 60s inspired illustrations as well!

    alicia //

  4. cute illustration <3 you should draw twiggy, she's beautiful!

  5. Thanks for all your suggestions! Will definitely be illustrating some of those lovely ladies from the 60s.

  6. I love the scarf!!

    Please do twiggy, she's amazing:)

  7. Oh I love this illustration. Such a great facial expression.

  8. This is stunning! You're very talented with illustrations! :) I once attempted to draw a fashion model wearing this long gown dress on Photoshop, but ultimately failed before I even had the head done right, hehe! That's a really awesome birthday present for Kate, and your detailing and shading is what I think makes the illustration stand out a lot... and I am LOVING the Hermes scarf! I agree with the other commenters, I would love to see you draw Twiggy! Or possibly Edie Sedgwick! :)


  9. i love your style! i am now following! check out my illustrations.