Thursday, 5 April 2012

Soie Rouge

I'm now open to design/illustration commissions, so if you want a custom header for your blog, a background, logo or personalised hand-drawn illustration, then drop me an email at

I thought I'd upload one of my favourite illustrations to show that I don't just draw floating heads. An entirely hand-rendered piece with only some minor Photoshop tweaking at the end. As much as I adore digital art, you can't always achieve the same mark-making and raw quality. If you're a graphic artist or watercolour painter, I highly recommend Dr. Ph Martin concentrated inks for the most intense, vivid pigments. At £5 a pop they're certainly not cheap but the colour and finish is phenomenal and great for reproduction.

This is a visualisation of a jumpsuit for a hand-printed chiffon sample when I was at uni. I drew her mid-air to demonstrate the loose, airy qualities in drape and movement of silk.


  1. I love this drawing, the pose really brings out how the material drapes around the body. Yes I would agree, nothing beats using actual materials, it is so therapeutic at times

  2. Your illustrations are BEAUTIFUL! I can't draw to save my life but I'm obsessed with fashion illustration. Jealous of your talent!

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  3. i absolutely love that! you're really talented : )
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  4. I really love your blog
    its the time am following an illustrator on bloglovin google and twitter

  5. Your illustrations are really great :)

    Love, Anja
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  6. Hey, love your work so much. Btw, Im learning how to draw, any sketching tips to help me get started for me to be bale to take things further?

  7. I enjoyed your post very much, you rock!